“Peter photographs some of the most superb houses in the area, putting him in a great position to find your next home”

House Finder

For over 30 years Peter has been involved in the property industry. Educated at Charterhouse and subsequently working in Haslemere as a Country House Agent, now based in Hampshire, he has for over 25 years been employed in the marketing of some of the best houses in Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire as a Professional Photographer. Being well known by many of the Estate Agents in the area, he has an extremely broad knowledge of the property market. Furthermore, due to the wide range of contacts he has established, he can often find out about properties prior to their release onto the open market.

He can act on behalf of UK or Overseas clients, saving them precious wasted time viewing unsuitable properties.

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Why Do I Need A Home Search Agent?

Most people use an Estate Agent when selling a property. Why is it then that buyers do not look for professional help more often, considering the Estate Agent is paid by the seller and is therefore bound to work on their behalf ?

It is not surprising that with today’s pace of life many buyers struggle to find the time to view suitable houses, and will often miss out on those which are being offered discreetly.

Marketing Strategy – The Sale of Your Property

If needed, advice will be offered regarding the sale of your property. This can include any preparatory work required before selling, and the most appropriate Estate Agents to engage ~ all of which could be critical to the success of your marketing campaign and the price attained.


“Having worked with Peter for 25 years, I have always found him to be totally trustworthy, efficient and friendly. I think with his knowledge of the area, houses, and many contacts, he will be an excellent choice as a house finder.” ~ Michael Parry-Jones 

What Does The Search Entail?


  • Initial in-depth interview to clarify requirements.
  • An area familiarisation tour if client is new to the area.
  • Being in constant contact with Estate Agents and contacts.
  • Viewing of suitable properties.
  • Maintaining regular contact regarding progression of the search.
  • Negotiation with the seller’s agent.
  • Clients accompanied on viewings of shortlisted properties if necessary.
  • Post viewing consultation to discuss the properties.
  • Having decided on a property, he can suggest excellent local lawyers, surveyors, architects, builders and interior designers.
  • Manage the process of the purchase if required.
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To arrange a complimentary consultation, please contact Peter on:
T: 01420 85660 M: 07973 787941 E: