Edited out!

As a specialist property photographer I like to give my clients a good choice of images when possible – and because a large proportion of the houses I am assigned to shoot are rather lovely, I have to edit the shots strictly. Usually for a large house with a value of above £2 million I supply between 30 and 50 images – from which the Estate Agent designs the brochure and organises the advertising. A quality brochure may contain 15 to 20+  photographs, and it is these that can also be viewed  on websites and property portals such as ‘Rightmove’ and ‘On the Market.’

Having been in the business for so long, I do sometimes question the choice of photograph used by the Agent, and, more importantly, the one or ones that have been totally omitted.

This photograph of a fabulous house in East Sussex is one that I thought really captured the pool area well, and would certainly have chosen…. but no, it ended up on ‘the cutting room floor’