And now for something completely different.

I met Heather a few years ago while photographing a large house near Sunningdale – she was drawing up the floor plan of this mansion while I was capturing its best features on my camera. We were asked if we would like a snack for lunch, to which we both said ‘Yes please!’ Half an hour later we were called to have our ‘sandwich’, only to be led by the housemaid into the dining room, where we were treated to a three course meal! This was specially funny as the owner of the house insisted on having her sandwich in the kitchen! Since that meeting, Heather and I have bumped into each other on many other occasions preparing houses to come on the market for sale.

Heather has now decided that her passion is in the food and snack business, and has given up drawing floor plans – and so it was that she telephoned me the other day, and asked if I could photograph a selection of her produce,most of which revolves around olives.  We spent the best part of a day in my studio and kitchen creating images for her market stall banners and any other advertising she may want to do in the future. Her company – Heather & Olive – can be found at Guildford North Street Market on Fridays and Saturdays. Having gorged myself on the tasty produce I would highly recommend a visit to her stall!