Wisteria Hysteria 1

Have you got the wisteria hysteria?

Every year, around spring time when everyone is thinking about putting their property on the market there is, without a doubt, a rather funny occurrence that I have dubbed ‘Wisteria Hysteria’.

Wisteria Hysteria 1

So what is wisteria hysteria? In short its when any property with a wisteria plant on the exterior of the building, or in the garden come into full bloom. A small miracle occurs and what has been all year a rather shriveled up plant explodes into colour. Now anyone who owns a wisteria or has any horticultural knowledge understands that this is a moment to behold because wisterias of all plants can be stubborn and unwilling to blossom at all, they require just the right set of conditions to really flourish and look their best.

Wisteria Hysteria 2

Wisteria hysteria occurs for a few short weeks, the plant starts sprouting and the next thing I know my telephone is ringing non-stop and my email inbox is inundated like no other, this is when the madness officially begins and I’m asked to make the trip to every property from a small country cottage to the grandest of mansions to capture this fleeting moment, when nature wants to ‘play ball’ for myself the photographer, the homeowners, and the estate agents. It’s as thrilling as it is stressful. Last may of 2019  has been no different.

Wisteria Hysteria 3

Wisteria Hysteria, if this plant can flower for a small time during the year there is hope that anything is possible. Anything.